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OPINION: Hard times ahead for Ghanaians

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The year 2019 undoubtedly cannot be forgotten by anybody because of the outbreak of deadly Covid 19 pandemic. The disease was first detected on the 12th of March, 2020 in Ghana.

The devastating effect of this disease cannot be overemphasized. Economically, citizens are not finding it easy to manage their businesses to make ends meet. Private sector businesses are collapsing because there is little or no support from government to cushion them so that they can at least breakeven.

Public sector workers are also not spared by this deadly disease. As they wait patiently for government to increase their basic salaries, government is also adamant to do any increment for now because of the economic burden imposed by the Covid. Sources say there are negotiations ongoing but government inability to pay because of current economic woes is delaying the process.

Aside all the aforementioned problems, there is strong indication that plans are far advance to review the utility tariffs soon. The PURC indicates that ECG is yet to compute the percentages to charge for a unit of electricity. Consumers are not happy about this development because they are already overstretched because of the economic situations in the country. The big question is that can the government increase utility tariffs but fail to increase workers’ salaries? Your comments are welcome. 

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