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Paul Adom-Otchere on Airport Christmas tree saga.

So Ghana Airport wants to buy Christmas Tree, they value it at 128,366 Ghana Cedis.

They contact their partners to help and one decided to assist them with 50000 Ghana Cedis. 

Paul Adom-otchere ought to know that the tree is 128,366 regardless of how much support the company received from the private company. 

The fact that the Board Chairman wanted to be sure that there is a price cut doesn't mean that his name should be on the invoice, that is not the Board Chairs job. This is an aspect of corporate governance that appears to have eluded Paul. Cool, let's move./

Ghana Airport bought Christmas Trees for 128,366, that is the fact. If Paul is given 78366 Ghana Cedis to buy the same thing decides to include the 'potential chobo' we may never know, he cannot get the same quantity of Christmas impressions. 

Again, the company that allegedly paid the 50000 has an interest, they have managed to put themselves in the good books of the company. If there is a tender and they enter, they will be given priority treatment. 

That 50000 Ghana Cedis will be paid for indirectly. 

It wasn't for free.

If Paul thinks it is for free, that is shortsightedness, it's a strategic investment.

The damning part Korea is, regardless of Covid, should a company like Ghana Airport go begging for support just to buy Christmas Trees? Is the company that broke? 

Every beggar is compromised, Ghana Airport owes that company a thank you. 

How much can we price this moral debt? 

The Christmas Tree could as well cost more than 1 million if you know Ghana proper. 

Paul needs a new touch screen to get his acts together, as for this broken screen, yam could be better

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