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Government should do something the 'sufferings' in the country is too unbearable

Under our scorching weather, electricity and water companies are set to carry out a massive disconnection exercises through out the country with no mercy.

For so long amid the COVID19 birth hardships, Ghanaians slightly manage electric bills as government's partial waiver for lifeline consumers provided a significant reduction in suffering for ordinary Ghanaians.

For water, government went great length claiming to cancel bills though, the policy is to give Ghanaians freedom over basic the most essential commodity, a key element in the fight against COVID-19 it however, on the contrary worsened it fragile distributions, where rationing has returned on large on scale.

While all these are going on, Ghanaians received heartwarming adverts yesterday 23rd May 2021, saying in details Ghana Water Company is bound to disconnect aggressive and heartless consumers who refused to pay, ECG too the same but it owned came earlier.

The most unfortunate situation Ghanaians are bedridden with on daily basis, are the continues sufferings brought to them by coronavirus. 

As I write, market women are crying heavily everyday as the macro and micro economic indicators are performing wonderfully out of order. They are living somehow hopeless on a mountain of debt waiting for miracle or they die.

The most stubborn of all, is the behavior of the local currency in trade with other major currencies despite the assurances of all knowing economic 'achilles of heels' respectfully in this government who also doubles as capable men and women.

With the problems I cited, I simply put it to you government, you should do something the problems that provided the necessity for the implementation of the least of your best efforts had no gone way if anything, it has worsened and maybe reached a storey limit.

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