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How To Get Massive Customers Using Sand And Local Broom

There are so are many uses of natural materials which we don't actually know the uses of them.

Today I'm to highlight you on how to get or attract massive customers of your work place using sand and local broom.

This procedures has really help many people leading them to give out testimonies and many appreciations.

To get or attract massive customers follow the process below;

Items needed :

1) broom

2) sand



Method or procedures to follow;

1) go to three different busy market places

Note; the market must be a busy market.

2) on the day that the market is busy selling, quickly go and pack some sands, not your bare hands but cover your hands with something such as nylon bag.

3) Mix the sand together withe the sand using psalm 6, psalm 51, and psalm 35 from your bible.

4) After the prayer, keep the sand in a safe place and bring the sand out on the next day and pray on it again .


The sand prayer is to be done for three days and praying hours should be done either by 12am, 2am or by 3am.

5) get an original honey, add 3drops into the sand and get a bucket of water and mix the sand with the honey.

6) mop the shop or your office with prayers while moping and allow it to dry.


When you're done with the three days prayer, that's when the mobbing takes place which is on the fourth day.

On the evening of the day you moped take that sand sprinkle it on your business premises by saying this;

"As honey attracts lots of ants because of sweetness, that's how customers will be attracted in my shoo to buy and as sand remains uncountable, that's how my customers will remain uncountable".

Go back to your shop early morning before people start coming use your broom to sweep the sand together and throw them away on a path where people pass.

You will begin your sakes and give testimonies.

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