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'Northerns' calls for help in reviving market prices of goods

'Northerns' calls for help in reviving market prices of goods 

Ever since covid set foot in Ghana, a lot of things have become standstill in Ghana. Things like food prices, has become standstill for the farmers who produces them, but the buyers keeps increasing their goods in the market. Among such products are onions, yam, tomatoes and other food crops. Prices of these products have gone up dramatically in the retailing markets, but the distribution markets continues to cheat the farmers. Farmer Fuseini who spoke to me on camera, stress his frustrations to lack of government control of prices, which has given the wholesalers the monopoly to cheat them in their own markets. 

Northern region is one of the main regions which deals in onion farming, yam farming and the rest. They are equipped with the technical know-how in producing large scale quantities of farm products for consumption, but they are forced to cheapen their prices for wholesalers because of covid. Before covid, a bag of onions which contains over one thousand five hundred pieces of onions was been sold at 100cedis a bag in the northern markets. But traders who came from Kumasi, Cape Coast, Accra and beyond, forced them to sell it at 80 cedis a bag because of the covid. 

The traders will cheapen the price for them and if they don't sell it at such price, they don't buy and as a result, their products deteriorates. The traders after buying it at such cheapen prices, brings it to their markets in Kumasi for 400 to 550cedis a bag. 600 to 700 cedis a bag at Cape Coast and 800 to 1000cedis a bag in Accra. This is a total cheat to as said Fuseini. Fuseini and his friends believe if a union is establish for them, Yam Farmers, Onion Farmers and the rest, it will protect their products and give them a fair price than what the traders are offering them now. 

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