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Sleep And Get GHC50,000 - See Top 7 Dirty Jobs That Pays Well But Nobody Wants To Do

Can you do these 5 Kinds of Jobs for GHC 50,000 every month?

I bet your answer is YES! But have you wondered what kinds of jobs am talking about? Well, that is the power of money.

But before you think of accepting this GHC 50,000 contract lets us first look at the kids of work am talking about here.

Armpit Sniffer | The Most Bizarre Jobs in the World | Martian Herald

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7 Dirty Jobs In The World That Pay More Than You Can Imagine

1. Embalmer

Cambridge dictionary defines an embalmer as “a person whose job is to use chemicals to prevent a dead body from decaying”.

In Ghana here, most embalmers are not even respected not to talk of the payment, however, in other countries, they are ranked as one of the highly paid professions. According to, the average annual salary for an embalmer is $47,983.

2. Sewer Inspector

These professionals perform inspections with the construction, maintenance, and operation of sewers. Sometimes you will meet the worst smell of your life and other things like rodents and bacteria. According to, the salary for this profession ranges from $40,000 - $50,000.

3. Urine Farmer 

Your work here is being a farmer of urine. Here, you collect urine especially deer urine and sell the undiluted whitetail urine. This particular urine contains vital chemicals and enzymes which are used for other purposes. Salary is $80,000 per year.

4. Potable toilet cleaner 

Rent A Can Portable Toilet Cleaning Process - YouTube

This profession involves cleaning and maintaining the sanitation of the restroom. This includes handling sewer disposal, supplying toilet papers, and doing anything that makes ensure a clean portable toilet. Salary is $36,845 per year according to

5. Oil rigger

As the name depicts, this profession entails working in the oil extraction industry especially on drilling rigs. According to, salary ranges from $32,000 - $130,000 annually as per your level.

6. Odor Judge

Armpit Sniffer | The Most Bizarre Jobs in the World | Martian Herald

In the cosmetic world, this profession is very much required during the testing phase of products. They test products and so requires someone with a great sense of smell.

7. Professional sleeper

I don't really need to talk much about this particular profession. You just sleep for scientific experiment purposes and gets paid.

If You are Paid GHC50,000 monthly for any of the above Jobs, which one will you go for and why?

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