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Ghanaians Massively React As TV3 Ghana Posts This Picture Of NPP's Dennis Aboagye

Will Rogers once said, there have been three great inventions since the beginning of time; fire, the wheel and central banking. There is also a saying by Karl Pohl, a former West German Banker, that inflation is like toothpaste; Once it is out, it hardly gets back again.

Interestingly, Harry Truman also indicated that a recession is when your neighbour is out of work; a depression is when you are out of work.

J.B. Say also advised that the supply of goods creates its demand. Ghana's economic situation has worsened and the "Standard and Poor Global Credit Rating Agency" has downgraded the status of the economy to CCC+.

Many financial experts have advised the government's economic management team to go back to the drawing board to solve the continuous depreciation of the cedi, high-interest rates and rising inflationary rate. There has been an ongoing public debate on how to correct the woes of the economy.

On Saturday, 13th August 2022, TV3 Ghana posted a picture of NPP's Dennis Aboagye on its heavily followed Facebook platform.

Dennis Aboagye is the Director of Local Government and a Communications member of the New Patriotic Party. TV3's post was captioned on the opinion of Dennis Aboagye, who is noted to have said that global factors have negatively impacted the economy.

He made the statement during discussions on the Key points show.

Many Ghanaians have reacted vehemently to the comments made by Dennis Aboagye.

Some Ghanaians have expressed their disappointment at his comments as they asked why the government can not take responsibility for the poor economic situation.

Other Ghanaians have asked Dennis Aboagye if Ghana is the only country on the globe. Dennis Aboagye has been advised to avoid saying such things since the government should be able to develop home-grown solutions.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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