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S/R: Great News For The People Of Savannah Region - Savannah Region Is Rising

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On Thursday 28th January, 2021, A Rocha Ghana Commissioned Organic Shea Butter processing facility, 8 Shea warehouses, Organic Cassava Processing Facility and handed over to the chiefs and people of MURUGU in the West Gonja municipal assembly of the Savannah region. More details soon.

Background for the development of these Enterprises.

These enterprises were setup within the framework of the collaborative resource management policy. Which has led to establishment and development of 4 Community Resource Management Areas(CREMAs) namely; Murugu-Mognori CREMA, Yazori-Kumbo CREMA, Bawena-Kpulumbo CREMA and Gurubagu-Wawato CREMA.

Theses CREMAs have committed to sustainably manage their natural resources in a manner that ensures that the environment is protected for sustainable farming and at the same time protected for Biodiversity and also to continuously provide ecosystem services for the well-being of communities.

As part of efforts to harness the natural resources in these CREMAs, these green enterprises have been identified and developed to provide these communities with long term stream of income withoutcompromising the environmental integrity of these CREMAs.

Challenges CREMAs Need Support to Address are;

- Illegal harvesting rosewood and other hardwood species

- illegal charcoal production

- Illegal logging of shea trees

Funding Agencies;

 French Development Agency

 Evolution of Smooth (EOS)

 Global Shea Alliance (GSA)


 Africa Tiger Holdings Limited (ATHL)

 International Union for Conservation of Nature – Netherlands Committee (IUCN-NL)

 Savannah Fruits Company (SFC)

 Noe

 AgroEco

 A Rocha Ghana

Facilities available are as follows;

one (1) organic shea butter processing facility,

Eleven (11) organic shea warehouses,two (2) organic processing facilities ancillary equipment.


Murugu Community


200 women direct employment


- 1 ton of butter a day

Nature Of Facility

- Environmentally friendly facility


- Reduced waste

Communities Involved













- 8 community satellite warehouses


- Bawena and Murugu communities


- 200 registered cassava farmers

Items Needed

- Organic Cassava Flour

Materials And Machines

- 12 Tricycles

- 130 tarpaulins

- 8 Honey extractors


-Reduced water consumption

- Reduced women

- 8 women cooperatives

Capacity Of Facility

- Total of 200 MT

capacity warehouse.

Residents in other part of the Savannah region are complaining bitterly because all developmental projects are centralized in the Damongo constituency.

Are they right with this complaint?

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Bawena-Kpulumbo Cassava Savannah Region Shea


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