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Food in Ghana is being held at the farm gate - GAWU

"There is food in Ghana, but it is locked up at the farm gate," said Mr. Edward Kareweh, General Secretary of the General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU).

"Things are not done correctly," he stated. Improper implementation of commendable principles has resulted in a situation in which food is inexpensive on the farm but costly for the eventual consumer.

"Poorly constructed interactions along most agricultural value chains in the nation fostered a high degree of predatory behavior among participants, negatively harming the industry."

Mr. Kareweh noted that this predatory behavior exacerbated and undermined the reinforcing system, limiting investments and decreasing efficiency and resilience, hindering competition, and affecting the incomes and willingness of the average farmer to purchase supplies.

Kareweh was speaking on the theme "Ghana's Agricultural Value Chain" at the 17th Monthly Stakeholders Engagement and Workers' Appreciation Day seminar, which was organized by the Ghana News Agency's Tema Regional Office to provide a platform for both state and non-state organizations to address national issues to improve development. The event also motivated reporters to honor their editorial contributions to national development in general, growth, and promotion of the Tema GNA as the industrial news center.

According to the GAWU General Secretary, government policies must incentivize agricultural equipment sellers and users to enhance smallholders' role as essential stakeholders.

"As a result, we must not flaunt the fact that we are working. Let those we serve to make the decision. "We should not commend a project for its lovely characteristics; we should do so after witnessing the results," he remarked.

Mr. Kareweh added that the banking sector was weak and inadequately structured to assist the agriculture industry in general, particularly the equipment sector, which was preventing the value chain from realizing its full potential.

He saw that wholesalers were uninterested in developing branded retail channels, which were passed on to farmers, making it less essential as a lever for promoting broader and more suitable access for smallholders. He went on to say that there were bigger shops with numerous locations that were eager to expand their distribution networks but were concerned about the dangers and costs of opening more locations due to the country's dysfunctional economic structure and that the country needed a structural bailout.

He emphasized that the country currently needs adequate structural measures to improve agriculture value chain competitiveness. "Improving the competitiveness of agricultural value chains necessitates productivity improvements throughout specific value chains for an effective and efficient input supply system," the report states.

Mr. Kareweh noted that developing appropriate policies and enabling them to be championed by capable leaders will boost crop yield and product quality throughout the agricultural value chain.

He stated that the government should provide an enabling environment to enable links between key value chain players and support services such as financial services, technical consultants, and mechanization services to producers.

According to Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Regional Manager of Ghana News Agency Tema, "we acknowledge the quality in stakeholder engagement, which we feel would aid us GNA and our stakeholders in delivering and ensuring that society plays an active watchdog role so that institutions function." He stated that the Agency was strategically positioned as a reputable news institution that needs to improve its relationships with its stakeholders for mutual benefit and to enhance the agency's and the country's prospects.

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