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105,927 Litres Of Fuel Missing At Tema Oil Refinery

The Interim Management of the Tema Oil Refinery have commenced investigations into the disappearance of some 105,927 liters of fuel belonging to one of its BDC Client. The liters of fuel got missing on September 4, 2021.

Picture of the Tema Oil Refinery.

 Hogback has so commenced examens into a number of product depository and transfer losses recorded in the company over a period of time. 

 “ Therefore, a number of workers who hold multihued positions of responsibility and fault with respect to the transfer of products have been queried and interdicted pending the fate of inquiries."

 Tema Oil Refinery has caught some workers in the web over unearthing of liters of energy. 

The statement further added “ The IMC notwithstanding wishes to reiterate that the probings will be carried out with due consideration to a fair process. We supplicate everyone to be patient and not jump to any conclusions until probings have been completed. 

 “ Realities who are plant not responsible nor responsible for the pecuniary and product losses would be exhaustively restored while those plant responsible and responsible in the chain of command (with respect to product losses during storehouse, movement and transfer will be dealt with therefore."

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