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Checkout Pictures Of The Yam A Farmer Harvested In His Farm That Has Got People Reacting

Not only does northern Nigeria or the central belt have fertile soil, but almost all states are endowed with fertile soil. Lately Igbo people from eastern region can now find onions, cucumbers, watermelons, peanuts etc in your country and during harvesting you can see them admiring what their country has blessed them with.

Formally their ideology is that only northerners own land like this where all of the above will work out / in contrast to those who will bear much fruit, but today such an ideology is overcome if they try the word: "An attempt to be convinced . "

I'm trying to suggest that this huge crop of candy we mix is ​​collected in my area, the land of Mbaise in Imo State, a rare extraordinary harvest. It was harvested a few days ago after being accidentally left with the help of a fresh mouth exploding during the 2020 harvest.

You could see how overwhelmed and happy the harvest workers were, who told us this was a rare harvest compared to the others. You can also see the level of soil that was excavated before it could come out without damaging the seeds or accidentally cutting them with a shovel. These are sweet potato seeds planted during the agricultural season and today these sweet potatoes have provided protection for many others, young and old.

Indeed, despite our differences, all of our countries are very fertile. If Mbais of all people can bring this back to their country, you too can "never say never", because with God by your side anything is possible. Don't they deserve that harvest wow?

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