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You can feel the sting of inflation but not the comfort of one that is lower-P.K. Sarpong to Forson

P. K. Sarpong has expressed his dismay at Lydia Forson's statement regarding the NPP should apologize to Ghanaians and acknowledge that they have oversold themselves shared on the myjoyonline page.

He said that, absent the ridiculousness of her reasoning and the apparent hollowness of some of the people we hold in high regard, he would not have paid attention to the post.

He claimed she and her cohort made fun of the inflation rate when it was reduced from 15% to 7%, claiming it had no impact on our finances. Now she is claiming she can't overcome the current 28 percent inflation rate.

She can actually feel the sting of inflation but not the comfort of one that is lower, he said

He argued that Lydia should have used strong evidence to support her views because she believes she is an expert and all-knowing person. 

Slamming her, he uttered, She appears to think the Akufo-Addo administration should work its magic as we live on a paradisiacal island where we are safe from the effects of the world economy and that Lydia lacks the ability to string words together in a way that makes sense," he noted. 

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