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How Opera News Hub Changed My Financial Status

Hello and welcome to my channel! If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to my channel by clicking the follow button in the right top corner of your browser. Thank you very much to my 659 (six hundred and fifty-nine) fans. You, more than anything else, are the reason I write every day. Thank you for your continued support. Continue to like, share, and comment on my posts.

As a government employee, I was paid by the Ghanaian government, but relying solely on it makes life difficult. You can imagine the pressure and dependence ratio (my mum, who is of blessed memory, two siblings, elder sister with her five children) and my own family of four with two children as the last of three females who is gainfully working.

Due to financial pressure, I was engaging in the selling of second hand clothing which I buy from Kumasi in the Ashanti region. This side business was my saviour until the novel Covid-19 pandemic set in, in March 2020.

I had no idea that the virus would limit my freedom of movement. When I stopped going to Kumasi for clothes, things became difficult. Taking care of my dependents was tough. I started looking for an online company that could help me supplement my income. To make money, I began sharing advertisements for businesses, but it was nothing to write home about.

Mr. Blazing, a saviour I met online through a help WhatsApp forum, asked me a simple question: "Can you write news for publication?" I wasn't sure, but I responded affirmatively by saying, "I can look up how to do it." He sent me a connection to Opera News Hub from there. For days, I waited patiently for their answer after registering for free. I called Mr. Blazing to express my dissatisfaction with the lack of response. After that, he requested that I check my e-mail. Surprisingly, the answer arrived two days after I registered, but I had no idea.

My first piece of information came from my pastor's sermon, which focused on the "three reasons why Christians should worship God." That occurred in February of 2021. I began writing about food recipes and healthy eating there.

My account began to grow in popularity, and it now has 659 followers with over two hundred (200) published articles. Last week, I got my first payment from the team, and I was ecstatic. With it, I was able to pay off a few bills. I'm happy I now have a second source of income. For my own and others' protection, I've stopped going to Kumasi.

You may also have passion for writing. Why don't you turn your passion into earning? The choice is yours!

Thank you to the Opera News team and everyone else who has helped me to keep writing, even though the revenue is often disappointing due to low engagement on my posts.

Please keep us up to date on your latest updates, Opera News Hub team, so we (writers) can stay on track.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please like, share, and leave comments if you want to inspire others.

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