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A Substance Under Investigations Will be A Big Breakthrough for Ghana, If Proven to be True

The discovery of oil in commercial quantity has indeed been a saviour for Ghana. One would ask if Ghana's current state was without the oil revenue.

A glorious news from Apremdo a suburb of Takoradi in the Western Region indicated that the residents have uncovered a substance in the soil suspected to be crude oil. The report noted that it has a black sticky material with similar characteristics of a crude oil.

Confirming the news is the Traditional ruler of the community, Nana Egya Kwamena XI. He has subsequently given the substance to appropriate authorities for investigations.

He noted in an interaction with the media that they have taken sample to Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) for laboratory test.

Though, The chief, elders and the entire community will be glad if the substance is proven to be crude oil, it be a big breakthrough for Ghana again if it can be mined in commercial quantity.

Crude oil is a naturally occurring petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits and other organic materials. A type of fossil fuel, crude oil is refined to produce usable products including gasoline, diesel, and various other forms of petrochemicals. It is a nonrenewable resource, which means that it can't be replaced naturally at the rate we consume it and is, therefore, a limited resource.

One can only hope that the discovery turns out to be what everyone is suspecting.

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