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How to get rich within some few days without struggling.

As already known, am the C.E.O of Entertainment 24/7.Am Mohammed Rashid but popular known as DMB Survival.I know many people in the world today are struggling to gain something as reward for their work.

Some few steps one should focus on.

1:Avoid buying of useless things.

We always come across some things that are well designed and brightly coloured.We are eager to buy it when we have money but the question is that is it going to help you some way?I will like you to buy money making materials either than the other ones.

2: Planning towards your goals.

As a human being you have to plan before you get something in your hands.Because life is not easy at all.

Are you a monthly paid worker?If yes please plan what you want to use your salary for before you receive it.

3: Contribution or savings.

I prefer you save any little amount you have or get the average of your money and start saving it.There are many bank branches in Ghana where money can be saved.Examples are

MTN Mobile money

UT Bank

Stanbic Bank

Money Gram

Eco Bank and Many more.

4: Getting loans to Start a business.

As you really trust yourself as a human being,you can begin a small business with the loan you go for.Make Sure you use the money wisely and make it possible to start a business.

5:Start business with opera news hub.

Do you use smartphone or computer?if you use any of these then just search for opera news hub on your smartphone website.Since you love writing then you are lucky and ready to get money on time.

There is more to come.Thank you!!!!

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C.E.O DMB Survival.I Entertainment


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