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We Make GHS 2.4 Billion Every Year From Road Fund Alone, Why Don't We Have Good Roads? A Plus Asks

Kwame Asare Obeng also known as A Plus on his Facebook platform this morning has shown Ghanaians that he is mathematically inclined. A Plus is a hiplife artiste and political activist. He has time without numbers criticized governments in power to ensure that the right thing is done in the country.

This morning, the outspoken musician made it know to Ghanaians that the government gets a lot of money from road fund Levy alone but he still does not understand why the country has poor roads and unfixed motorways in some major towns in the country.

Before A Plus was able to find that the government gets huge amount of revenue from the road fund levy he made some calculations and they actually prove his point.

He started by revealing that, Ghana uses 5 billion litres of fuel every. And with a litre of fuel used Ghanaians pay 48 pesewas as road fund levy. Now for him to get the total revenue made from using fuel every year, he multiplied 48 pesewas by 5 billion litres, this gave him Ghs 2.4 billion.

He even went further to explain how Ghanaians can even build a 6 lane road from Kumasi to Accra every year from this funds and Ghanaians will still have much money left.

He continued his calculations by saying that, a kilometer of an asphalt road costs GHS 1.5 millions. So dividing the GHS 2.4 billion with the GHS 1.5 million Ghana can build 1600km of good roads. But currently, most roads in the country are destroyed and the government is unable to maintain these roads.

He said that, per the above calculations, the government can help build a 6 lane road from Accra to kumasi. Because, Accra to kumasi is 248km but when you divide 1600 by 6 (6 lanes) the results will be 266kms, meaning that we can build more than that every year but the roads are always in bad shape.

He asked the government, why we still have poor roads and unfixed motorways when only the road fund levy can help fix all these problems.

Below is the post, he posted on his Facebook platform.

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