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4 Lucrative Business Ideas in Ghana That Can Make You Rich Faster Than Expected

A business idea is a notion that can be utilized to make money and is generally based on a product or service that can be sold. The first step in the process of creating a successful business is to come up with a concept. Innovativeness is one of the features of a promising company concept. Ghana's unemployment rate is quite high, and the Covid-19 has exacerbated the situation by causing many people to lose their jobs. As a young boy or girl growing up in Ghana, you should try or start anything that will help you get out of financial troubles. Do not rely on the government for employment; instead, be inventive and creative. These are five profitable business ideas that might help you become financially independent.


Uber is a technology-driven taxi service that allows clients to hail a luxurious taxi from anywhere using just their smartphone app. Uber just offers the software that connects drivers and customers; it does not own any vehicles. You can purchase your car or hire from someone so that at the end you pay the owner and yourself, imagine if you get ¢100 every day and pay your owner ¢50 and yourself ¢40 and save the ¢10 for food and maintenance, you will be financially free within three months. The majority of Ghanaians are unaware that Uber does not own any of its vehicles. Uber is a ride-sharing app that allows you to work for yourself while earning money. You can sign up as a driver who doesn't have access to a car or as a vehicle owner who wishes to drive on the network. If you wish to work on Uber as a driver but don't have a car, you'll need a valid Ghanaian driver's license, which you can get through the DVLA. When you are online on the app, the firm only sends you clients (riders) during your accessible hours. To sign up with Uber, you'll need the following information: Your name exactly as it appears on your bank statement. To register, you'll need your account number, bank branch's Swift code, tax identification number, and financial records. You're ready to drive with Uber once you've gathered all of that information.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable industries that anyone can get into, regardless of their educational background or professional qualifications. Some farmers are unaware of the financial repercussions of the business they desire to launch, which has resulted in disastrous results. Because the birds take a long time to start laying, the number of birds you start rearing as a beginning is critical. If you order more day-old layer chicks than you can afford to feed, their feeding requirements may overwhelm you financially. In Ghana, the expense of running a chicken farm can be as high as GH 20,000. A layer cage with a capacity of 200 birds would most likely cost thousands of dollars. If you wish to rear 200 birds, a 200-bird capacity layer cage will likely cost you between GH 2,000 and 2,600.00. Food, water, fuel, energy, labor, and other expenses must all be paid for. The poultry farm is very profitable, you can start small with just GH 5,000, and you are going to receive in turns.


Catering services are among the top business ideas for unemployed young people. To be a successful entrepreneur in Ghana, you must research the requirements of the people and come up with viable business ideas. Although entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, there's nothing wrong with taking a chance. You can start your own business with just a small space and the money you have saved. Catering is the business of serving food at a remote location or a location such as a hotel, hospital, pub, park, filmmaking location or studio, entertainment location, or event venue. If you conduct any 'food operations,' the Ghanaian government needs you to apply for a license. Selling, cooking, preparing, and distributing food are all included. Start by selling pizzas, rice, and meats. Because Ghana's population has grown (30 million people) and consumer goods competition has expanded, catering is the greatest option.


Dropshipping is a business that gives everyone an equal chance. It makes no difference whether you live on an island or in a bustling city. You can easily start an online business that will generate income from anywhere on the planet. Nothing is preventing you from starting a profitable business in Ghana. If you were born and bred in Ghana, that doesn't mean you have to focus your business just on the country. The Dropshipping business concept allows you to sell to buyers from all over the world, whether they are students in the Netherlands, housewives in the United States, or residents of any other developed country. There are no limitations; all you have to do is begin! As a dropshipper, you collect goods and sell them to customers at your price. You earn the profit between the company's price and your price. For example, you can buy goods from Jumia Ghana at a very affordable price and them at Jiji with a 5% increment.

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