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Dr. Randy Abbey 'Schools' NPP Communicator on the Economy on Live TV!

When communicators from various political parties represent them on political talk shows, be it on TV or on the Radio stations, the average listener or viewer presumes that these representatives must be to say the least, on top of issues.

But that didn't seem to be the case today as Kamal Deen Abdulai, former Nasara Cordinator and communications team member for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was found making up figures when he wanted to comment on the growth rate of the economy for 2020.

Kamal Deen said in part: ".....And you are asking me now the growth rate as we sit. It's over 6 percent. Please check."

Then Randy asked whether he was talking about 2020?

Kamal said "2018" but continued that "I am saying that now as we sit we are moving around, if you like 5 point something percent there about."

Randy said quizzically: "Kamal, I think you are confusing yourself."

He began to break down the growth rate figures from 2018, 6%, 2019, 6.1% to July 2020 when the Finance minister went to parliament to present the mid year budget review where he revised the growth rate downward to 0.9% and finally last month when he went to present for the first quarter of 2020, where he revised it upward to 1.9%.

He continued: "The 5 point something percent you are talking about I can't tell where it's being manufactured from. I don't know where you get it."

Kamal just had to concede and move on with his submission.

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