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Never buy estate lands again' - Chief fires three Ghanaians who were duped by estate developers

'Never buy estate lands again' - Chief fires three Ghanaians who were duped by estate developers

The forecourt of Nana Agyenim Gyiahoho Konadu II's place was blessed with jubilants after he sat on his great stool and settled a long decade old land problems between the Akonsa Family and other three people who own houses on the lands belonging to the Akonsa family. The three people; Michael, Esther and Enima had bought houses from Aslack Estate company some fifteen years ago, but none of them knew they were walking into a world of troubles.

When land is "sold" to you for 99 or 50 years you technically don't own the land forever, it's a lease and yes after 99 or 50years, unless your children "buy" it again, the land and all that is on it or in it goes back to the original owner(s). Yes I mean the building you built with your sweat will no longer be for you. The only way around this is to find the native owner who has the right to sell to you his original birthright called the usufruct.

Hence if you go and "buy" an estate house sitting on a land for which the estate company bought for 50 years and you're buying the house after 15 years of estate development, know that you have only 35 years until the house is no longer yours...You didn't buy that house you rented it for 35 years. Talk to your estate agent well, find a lawyer who understands the jargons to help with your purchase. So you're not taken unawares just when you finish paying your mortgage and think you've arrived to live comfortably.

Don't say you weren't told. If you're a foreigner there is no way you can own land permanently in matter what the Ga man told you before selling it, you don't own it perpetually. You can only lease and renew and renew and renew till one day Owula Onukpa says he doesn't want you on his land again.

It was with this explanation the Chief ruled that, the Akonsa Family should be kind and sell their land birthright to the three parties so peace can prevail. The Akonsa Family had demanded their lands back from the Aslack estate company after giving it to them in 1995 to build stores. The Aslack Estate company was to renegotiate their contracts with the Akonsa Family but failed to do so after the collapse of the company in 2013.

Akonsa Family leaders who are the original owners of the lands, forced all the tenants who owns houses on the lands to evacuate so they can take back their lands. The estate company before it's collapse, had hopes of renegotiating their contracts with the Akonsa Family, and by so, sold the estate houses to the tenants for 70years duration. The case could not be settled in court since Aslack Estate company was no more and the tenants who owns houses on the lands, could not settle the case it themselves before calling on the royal home of Juaso

Nana Agyenim Gyiahoho Konadu II after listening to both parties, ruled that, the Akonsa Family should provide a payment plan for the tenants to pay them their full amount for the lands, or wait for 55 years and take back their lands. The Akonsa Family is yet to respond to the chiefs ruling in whether they will wait for the remaining 55 years or sell the lands permanently to the tenants.

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