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(Opinion): The Chinese Should Not Be Blamed For The Pollution Of Water Bodies And Farms In Ghana.

Hello and Welcome to Realnews_around as today we bring you a point of view on who to be blamed for the destruction of our water bodies, farms and forest reserves to the illegal mining of minerals especially gold in our country. Please do not forget to comment like and share this for more.

Ghana in recent times have been struggling in the combat against illegal mining in the country. A lot of people have tagged foreigners(Chinese) who are involved in this activity as the main “destroyers” of our natural life supporting resources. But I say it is wrong to say so. Why I have taken this stance? Below explains it all.Ghana as we all know is well endowed with natural resources that helps in the proper growth of a country. We have almost everything a country needs to develop itself yet we see the opposite of the expected.

Did you know that gold contributes about 90% of the total mineral exports of Ghana? Did you also know that it in recent times gold have been making about 49% of the entire exports Ghana makes annually? Did you also know that Ghana in 2019 became the largest producer of Gold from Africa to the international market and 7th in the World?

This mineral resource is therefore by no doubt a very great good doer to the economy of Ghana. Yet its mining poses serious threats to the natural environment around us.It has destroyed a lot of things ranging from human lives to the plants and aquatic life as well. The likes of River Pra among others have suffered a great loss to the mining of this illustrious mineral.

But those are not the focus for today. The focus for today is who to be blamed for all these mess? Many have directed pointing fingers onto the Chinese people in Ghana saying they are the cause. To some extent, it is true but to the longer extent, we the people are to be blamed. Why do I say so?

The foreigners do not know which grounds bare the minerals wanted so how come they go to mine. It is we the people who are the ones responsible for showing them where it can be located. And even if they do know already, they have no right yet to mine and they know this so I am clearly convinced that they would not try even thinking of mining it.

What we have seen from the TVs have shown us all that even in the mining fields, the majority of workers there are Ghanaians and only a few Are Chinese so where from the blame? These people even there are not directly involved in it. There are more or less like supervisors so why blame them? It is us that need to be blamed. We destroy our country and put the blame on the foreigners who are just in for business. This is irresponsible behavior and this won’t do us any good.

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