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This Is Why The SEC Has Been On The Case Of Chymall and SAIRUI E-Commerce

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Chymall is an online business which requires investors to deposit funds and trade by selling certain products online.

It is a clever scheme created to make people believe that they are in control since they can see their virtual money and virtual products.

According to those who patronized the opportunities that Chymall and SAIRUI E-commerce Ghana presents, the payouts have been really great and many Ghanaians have invested heavily.

There have been reported payments of 20% monthly on trading capital without referral bonuses and network segment of the platforms.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been disassociating themselves from the Chymall and SAIRUI E-commerce businesses.

The main reason they cited is that, they have been receiving complaints from both investors in the Chymall business as well as the concerned citizens from the Ghanaian populace.

The SEC receives as much as fifty (50)calls daily or more from Ghanaians concerning Chymall and SAIRUI E-commerce Ghana.

The SEC thus acted according to the laws which govern their operations by alerting the general public about the unlawful activities of the companies and further reported them to EOCO as part of their regulatory process.

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