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Don't say I am poor- Come out of financial hardships by applying these principles- Apostle Selman.

The discovery and development of your value is key to breaking out from any form of financial hardship. The disparity between great and small is their value. Your value is the representation of your worth based on the solution you provide, the problems you solve and the lives you transform. For a man's relevance is not based on chance or some kind of sentiments.

When we say someone is valuable it's not about some vague thing but it is the measure and perception that people have over you on the strength of the solution you provide, problems you solve and the lives and destinies you transform.

If you are not solving any kind of problem or providing solution or you are not contributing to the transformation of lives or destinies of people, you are not being valuable and at that cannot be valued.

Relevance and worth in the kingdom are spelt on a reward system and this reward can be financial, sense of security or sense of honor.

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to:

1. The demand and need for what we do. Add value to yourself. Not any kind of value but that which is needed and useful, applicable to the predicaments of your generation. Don't sit down and wish to rise, rather grow in value to the level that matches what you desire. Ask yourself these questions, what is my value? What is my gift? What is that ability that can bail me out?

2. Our ability to do what we do. Your value is a representation of worth based on your ability. There is one value that is intrinsic, that which God packaged you with. The concept of recession is not supposed to happen to an individual. Your value vitos a lot of things, thus your education, background and any.kind of limitation. It doesn't matter what it is. The key to eradicating a sense of unworthiness is not by criticising great people, neither is it resentment, anger or hatred. The key is to pay the price of discovery and the development of your value.

3. The difficulty in replacing us. Solve problems, provide solutions, transform lives and be assured of a better reward. No witch or wizard has the power and capacity to stand an individual that has worked on his value. Success and impact cannot be generalized, so you must be sure of what you are contributing to specifically.

When you understand these, you can accurately guage why you are where you are right now. There are laws governing everything we do and that a reward must come to you anytime you sow. This means that for every solution provided, there is a reward. These laws cannot be changed.

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