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Farmers Day: Overall Best farmer Receives Bicycle [Photo & Video]

Today, Ghana Celebrated its farmers to encourage them to do more in the food crop production and to appreciate them about their hard works.

Farmers are being awarded on the occasions for supplying the country with food stuff and other cash crops. has spotted a photo and video which are fast trending on social media. The photo is an award to the 'overall best farmer'. Thought ghananewsprim is not certain with the exact Region or District.

It is sad to see such things happening in Ghana, how can a best farmer be awarded with common Bicycle (Macho bike) which can not even carry load.

Social media controversy emerged with mixedreactions after the overall Best Farmer for the Accra Municipal Assembly received bicycle as an award.

In the video seen, the awardee was invited by the Municipal Chief Executive and was given a bicycle, a knapsack sprayer, and a diploma.

This unexpected turn of events contrasts with the customary presence of a tractor, automobile, or harvesters, all of which could have aided the farmer.

In addition to the the bike, is some fertilizers, weedicides and spraying machine.

See Photo below

The Ghana National Father’s Day ceremony is designed to honor the year’s most dedicated and productive farmer.

We acknowledge the fact that without our farmers including the fishermen, one would have struggled to eat and survive on this earth, they go through all means to make sure that food and fish are been supplied across d the length and width of the country.

Netizens, seeing this annoying award have react to it.

See The Video Below:

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