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Business Management analysis

What COVID-19 has offered to Business

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Many professors graduates and others have the ideal knowledge of doing business either for themselves or for someone and most importantly to earn a living.

Those ideation has given more rooms for people to open businesses, employ personnel so as a major problem if unemployment can be reduced or minimised.

Until at night, the deadly virus worldly known as COVID 19 took everything planned and most importantly took the lives of people.

Companies, Firms, Small and Medium-scale enterprises have been facing tremendous challenges.

Today this article will give you the sad details of this virus and its status of businesses.

As we all know that businesses established within or outside are categorised into two kinds namely;

1. Government or Public Sector

2. Private or individual sectors

Almost 80% of businesses across the globe falls under the Private sectors while the remaining 20% goes into public sectors.

List see some of these businesses established both profits making and non-profits making organisations

Most graduate, professors, nurses, Doctors and Laborers including business has been affected by the deadly virus COVID 19.


Firstly, Closure of companies, firms, and small and medium-sized businesses: Due to the covid, 19 pandemic in Ghana, most companies, firms and SME's have been closed down as a result of poor consumption, low sales, inadequate raw materials for production and low income or revenue.

Moreover, financial fragile. Since businesses are most of the time set up to gain surplus or profits 'all other things being equal in the case of covid 19, businesses are no longer gaining profits as a result of poor sales and production.

Businesses are now unable to comply with loan agreements as well as paying, workers.

Finally, an increase in unemployment rates.

This is a very key problem affecting individuals in the county.

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