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Small delivery I come do for your house you want chop me: Lady laments on seduction from a client.

Delivery systems have proved to be one of the efficient and lucrative method businesses can deploy to enable them reach out to as much customers as they can, regardless of their locations. The method is currently on a steep rise and virtually every enterprise in the country is adopting the system. Products like foods, clothes, building materials, footwears, Computer, phone and it's assesories are some of the major products businesses mostly convey to customers at their doorsteps and designated locations when purchased.

These deliveries are mostly done with vehicles like motorbikes, bicycles and cars. However on numerous occasions we hear some unprecedented incidents in the course of delivering and one of them is what a lady took his twitter page to recount this morning. The pretty lady lamented how mischievous and ill-mannered some of her customers are, making the job distressing for her.

The lady whose twitter name was Kokobabe claimed some of her customers go to the extreme of seducing her in a bid to lure her to sleep with them. One of the commentators of her post repudiated, but the lady went on to reveal that, one customer sexually harassed her. Catch a glimpes of the post and the comments.

Surprisingly most of the commentators didn't realise the seriousness in her dilemma. Meanwhile there other occasions where delivery boys bolts with the items supposed to be sent to buyers after purchasing them. There have also been occasions where delivery folks are also kidnapped and killed. These includes some of the adversaries and dangers associated with the job, nonetheless on the positive side, it has been of immense help to businesses and it has surely come to stay.

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