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How To Easily Build Or Buy Your Own House In Ghana

Building or buying a house in Ghana is increasingly becoming very difficult. The prices of land in some parts of the country is also very exhorbitant to say the least.

If you save Ghc500 for every month, you will need 600 months which is equivalent to 50 years to get Ghc300,000. That Ghc300,000 is approximately the price of a 3 bedroom house in Accra right now, imagine its price in 50 years to come. What is funnier is that if you are you 30years now you would be 80 years by the time you move into your new house.

For a salary worker with family earning between 500 to 1200, saving up to 500 is a very difficult task to say the least. It is therefore not suprising to see people engaging in corrupt practices to earn a living.

It is very neccessary that as people we stop depending on one source of income. And instead of saving at the bank to build or buy a house, we have to start taking the risk to start small businesses that give you profit.

And don't wait to get all the money to start a project, start bit by bit but not aggressively if not you will crash. Start steadily and you will finish before you know it. One thing about building is once you are committed and you start, you would wonder how you finish it.

What do you think? Is building a house really difficult in Ghana? What can be done to solve this?

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