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500 Cedis Is Too Small Sow a Seed Of 5K And The white Woman Will Send You Millions-Prophet Nigel.

The White Client You Are Scamming Will Send You Millions, Sow A Seed- Prophet Nigel To A Fraud Boy. 

Wonders shall never end in this world. There are a lot of things we see in this word that blow our minds but some among these are so mind blowing to be true. The economic situation in Ghana coupled with the thirst for quick money by the young men and women in this country have led to the indulgence in some immoral and law breaking activities in this country.

Many of the women or girls have multiple sex partners all in the name of getting easy and quick money. For the male population who cannot engage themselves in the lucrative ventures like the women have taken over the internet with all sorts of games and methods to take money from other people. 

Some of these methods include the fake money multiplication and other cybercrime. This is illegal in Ghana and the larger population of the Ghanaian society frown upon these activities. However, some so called prophets seem to support this and an example is Prophet Nigel who In a video on YouTube was seen asking a fraud boy to sow a seed as a direction from God to excel in his “work”.In a recent video sighted by Dimaskinosnews on YouTube, a prophet of God by name Prophet Nigel was seen in his church premises asking a game/fraud boy to sow a seed in order to attain a huge sum of amount from a white woman.

In the video, he said “I have seen you are trying to scam a certain white woman. This woman will send you millions and with that I want you to sow a seed for that.” He then asked the man of how much he could deposit. The man said 500 cedis but the Prophet said 500 cedis is too small for such blessings and asked for a sum of 5000 cedis.He after the negotiations in the church asked the man to buy a perfume and bring it to him so he works on it for the man. He said in the video that would bring him more money.

Reference: Vim Buzz Tv on YouTube.

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