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In The Midst Of All These Economic Crisis What Must Ghana Do?

We must begin to evaluate how our leaders are thinking. Food prices have increased astronomically. Government has tried to explain this by blaming external factors. What is being done to mitigate the impact of these factors?

In any serious economy, we would take the opportunity to reduce the cost of cultivating farms so we can meet our domestic food needs. In so doing, we would ensure we subsidise heavily, fertiliser, ensure to provide tractors and ploughers and harvesters and be concerned about keeping fuel down for commercial farmers in a bid to reduce the cost of food.

We should be seeing efforts at irrigating farm lands to encourage all-year-round farming. We should also, be putting in place warehouses that would contain the excess harvests to enable constant supply of food to the markets.

Unfortunately, instead of looking through these domestic solutions, we have loaned our hopes to the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Fertiliser price remains high, from a cost of Ghc120 in 2021 to over Ghc450 in 2022. The cost of fuelling tractors, ploughers and harvesters have gone up. No serious irrigation to encourage commercial farming is happing.

As a result of the high cost of inputs, commercial farmers have cut down drastically their farm sizes. We are not seeing any commitment to providing any warehouses to host the excess because we are not expecting any excesses due to our failed efforts at improving domestic production.

We have been left to our fate. We are to expect a sustained food price increases after the normal season has gone even though it could last shorter than before. We are seemingly hoping that nature would smile at us, and that the human factors would by act of accident, stop to allow our economy to bounce back.

We need to do these critical queries in order for our leaders to understand that we are more than what they take us for. Unfortunately, even those who attempt to look beyond the vail, are those considered to have problems.

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