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CPI: Eastern Region Records Highest Non Food Inflation - Ghana Statistical Service

The standard of living and cost of living in Ghana is really not the same in all the regions as the July CPI released by the Ghana Statistical Service reveal.

According to the July CPI, there is no control of prices in the nation and while some commodities are high in some regions, same likes are low in other regions too.

Western Region recorded the highest food inflation (44.8%) and Eastern region, the highest non - food inflation (36.6).

This is evidently clear that the cost of living in eastern region and western region is higher compared to the other regions.

However, for the fourth month in a row (since April 2022), imported items record higher inflation rates than locally produced items.

Moreover, eastern region recorded the overall highest inflation (38.1%) followed closely by Western region (37.6%) and Greater Accra Region (35.5%).

Transport recorded the highest rate of inflation in Eastern Region (64.5%) while oil and fat inflation was highest in central region for food inflation (63.5).

The gaps widened in July 2022 by 3.0% relative to the variations recorded in the last three; April : 1.7%, May: 0.9% and June: 2.1%.

Among the top ten inflation rates, Bread recorded the highest inflation rate of 56.1% followed by herring also with inflation rate of 51.3%.

Focusing of inflation on a year - on - year basis (32.3%) for July 2022, eight subclasses recorded higher rates. This was distantly led by oils and fats (67.0%) followed by fish and other sea foods (42.9) and water (42.4%).

In the case of month - on - month food inflation, five sub classes record rates higher than the national average (3.1%).  

Will inflation continue to rise or there would be a strategy to help reduce this consistency.

Is the release the reality on the ground? Kindly read, like, comment and share for more related news. Thank you.

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