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Find out why most companies and businesses in Ghana end their names with 'LTD'

In Ghana, most companies have their names tagged with 'ltd' at the end. Some people will ask why this three letter words to the name of the company.

Every company has investors and these investors are known as shareholders. These shareholders have some percentages of money or capital in these companies. 

However, the 'LTD' stands for Limited.

Example, Electricity company of Ghana ltd, Ghana water company ltd.

The shareholders who put their monies in the company will not have their personal assets and resources dealt with of the company collapses.

This means, when a company whose name ends with 'LTD' goes bankrupt or collapses, the shareholders who have their shares or monies in the business will not be attacked to pay off the debt of the company. The shareholders will only lose what they invested in the company.

About 99% of all companies in Ghana operate under this system.

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