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Will You Consider Farming As A Business Or Source Of Consistent Income ?

Farming is a big business but for some reason, we do not take farming that seriously in Ghana, or rather the youth do not take farming seriously as a source of income. The availability of land for farming is not a problem. Most people will testify to the fact that anytime they are traveling to their villages via road they always see a vast land of green forest or vegetation along the road. These are lands that are very good for farming judging by the quality of weeds and vegetation on these lands

It will be very good and profitable for the nation as a whole if the youth can be encouraged to venture into farming. The government will have to play a very crucial role in this effort. The government will have to initiate programs and incentives that will lure the youth into farming. Chiefs and custodians of vast lands will have to be encouraged to easily let go of these lands for farming

In the end, this will also help to fix the country in so many ways

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