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Ghana Bankers Association Sends Important Message To Those Who Have Not Yet Linked Their Ghana Card

John Awuah, the Deputy CEO of the Ghana Bankers Association, has indicated that bank clients who fail or cannot link their GhanaCards to their bank accounts before the July 1 deadline, will not lose their accounts but will have their risk profile enhanced.

As a result, Mr. Awauh warned, banks would increase their due diligence when these consumers attempted to conduct business.

Following a directive from the Bank of Ghana (BoG), the GhanaCard has been made mandatory for transactions at all BoG-licensed and regulated financial institutions beginning July 1.

the Ghana Card will be the only identification card that can be used to conduct transactions at all Bank of Ghana licensed and regulated financial institutions including i. Banks; ii. Specialized Deposit-Taking Institutions; and iii. Non-Deposit-Taking Financing Institutions, effective from July 1, 2022," the Bank of Ghana stated in an official statement.

If you don't have it by June 30, your account will not be terminated but your risk profile will be enhanced and therefore, there will be further due diligence that the banks will ask before you can transact," Mr. John Awuah stated in an interview with TV3.

You don't want to put yourself in this position. As a result, the GhanaCard offers additional security features for your comfort and protection. Several institutions have emailed their customers with links to correct their information."

According to EOCO's warning, fraudsters are taking advantage of the process of linking the GhanaCard to bank accounts in order to steal money.

Fraudsters, according to EOCO, are sending messages to potential victims requesting their bank account information, mobile app PINs, and their mobile phone numbers.

It has been noted with considerable concern, according to an EOCO statement released on June 30th, that a significant number of the general population have fallen victim to fraudulent banking activities.

"Fraudsters have taken advantage of the continuous drive for customers of banks to link their accounts to Ghana Card. " When it comes to bank fraud, people are tricked into updating their account information by receiving bogus notifications in the mail.

Bank account names and phone numbers as well as mobile app PINs and one-time passwords are requested from customers as a means of verifying identity." In other cases, scammers have even gone so far as to call members of the public and ask for this information.

Warning: EOCO advises against clicking on any link claiming to be from your bank unless you have confirmed with yours.

Content created and supplied by: Devarsh_Arena (via Opera News )

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