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Affordable Simple And Modern Two Bedroom Self Contained House Plans For Small Families

Starting up a family can be a very difficult task, it gets even more difficult if you are not so financially stable. First you need to make sure you have a house, the most important thing on the tall list of requirements. Then you can follow up and do all the remaining tasks. If you do not have shelter, starting up a family is never going to be possible. I know you can rent an apartment for yourself and your partner, but if you live in an urban area like Accra, you would know what that entails.

Rent is as expensive as imported holy water from Jerusalem. The rate at which landlords and house owners are renting their houses is just amazing. A single room alone is being rented at a very huge rate, so imagine renting a one bedroom or even a two bedroom self contained apartment. Unless you are working in a company that pays you way too much or you own your business which generates a lot of cash, there is no way you can survive in that building for four years.

If you are an average wage receiver, you probably should not even attempt such an act, it will definitely end in tears. How about finding out a simple way to escape such a high rate of spending all your salary on rent? Instead of trying to live a big life, you can take your time and rent a small space for yourself, say a single room self contain or a chamber and hall. The remaining balance can be accumulated and used to purchase half a plot of land after a few years.

With your own land, you can just build a two bedroom self contained house by starting and moving one step at a time. You can even complete half of the building and move in to completely cut off rent and save the money for completion of your own house. If that sounds like a good idea, check out these amazing simple, affordable and modern two bedroom self contained house plans that you should consider for your small family.

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