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Fear and panic hit Ghanaians as China begins massive Cocoa production with innovative implements

There seem to be some level of anxiety among Ghanaians, especially those within the cocoa sector because of the reports that is emerging to the effect that, China has begun a massive production of cocoa and might soon out shine Ghana and Ivory Coast in the industry.

The report, which comes with video evidence shows that, China has not only begun planting, growing and harvesting the cash crop, but has also introduced some innovative farm implements that facilitate and modernise their Cocoa production giving them high efficiency.

These equipment and technologies deployed by the Chinese have never been seen or done in Ghana despite the long years of Cocoa production in Ghana.

Ghana, has been in the Cocoa business for well close to 150 years. Throughout these years, nothing significant has changed or improve in terms of how farmers grow and harvest this previous beans. The cutlass and hoe level of Cocoa farming is what our local farmers still use.

We go through the same age-old process of gathering people in the farm to physically cut the Cocoa seeds open to empty the beans, while China, has invented a machine that goes through the farm and does the work with no or less human intervention. The Chinese machine harvest, cut and empty the beans into a collecting container with so much ease.

While Ghana still dry its Cocoa beans after harvest by the use of manual open drying space, China uses a mechanized metal platform which does not need gathering and pouring every day. The beans remained on the platform whether rain or shine until it is dried.

These and several interventions, implemented by the Chinese is creating fear and panic among Ghanaians, born out of the fact that, with such level of mechanized farming, the Chinese might soon overtake Ghana and Ivory Coast as the two leading Cocoa producers in the world.

Those who are confident the fear is far-fetched state that, Ghana produces about 850,000 tones per year, while China is now doing less than a tonne.

To make matters worst, a chunk of Cocoa farms are now being sold out to illegal miners for Galamsey purposes. Another dangerous factor that has reduced Cocoa productions from 1million tonnes in 2009 to 850,000 tonnes.

The fear is justified since the Chines' production and innovation pace looks scary. Ghana needs to wake up and eschew complacency within the sector. The China is no joke when it sets out to achieve something. They go all out.

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