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Why Rural Communities Should Be Developed

They are the main source of the nations income and foreign exchange earnings. This is because, most of the natural resources of the country are found in the rural areas. Therefore, they must have a fair share of the nations wealth that have been generated.

It will raise their standard of living, in terms of nutrition, child care, education, health and more. If rural areas are developed, life's over there will be better and improved.

Also, it will help to reduce mass rural migration. When social amenities such as roads, medical facilities are provided in the rural areas, the youth will not migrate to the urban centers. Thereby reducing over population in the urban areas.

The rural communities are faced with problems such as poverty, unemployment, malnutrition. A successful development program will help overcome these problems.

If the rural communities are well developed, the nation itself will also develop. As more jobs will be created, and people won't need to travel all the way to the urban areas looking for jobs and a better life.

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