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What Is Making Elon Musk And Bitcoin Trending On Twitter

Bitcoin is one of the strongest cryptocurrency that came off way 2010 to now, it started off where miners could mine with no difficulty.

But for some years Bitcoin had being dominated in the market where many companies have accepted it and online traders are trading and earning big profits thereby.

Nowadays, within the month of March, Bitcoin has being depreciating where many online traders are running at lost.

Bitcoin Which is known to be created by Satoshi Nakamoto who is owning over 1m bitcoins which worth over $30B now.

Bitcoin has being trending on Twitter over the allegations of online traders who are losing massively on what they invested within a couple of might where within a month bitcoin have drop from $57k -$37k thereby losing much heavy of over $20k which worth over 30% lost in investments.

Meanwhile, it could also believe by people to relax and wait within a couple of month to rise and experts are predicting over $70k which is the highest rise of Bitcoin in 2021. But Elon Musk who has part investments in it because his company buys over $1.5B dollars in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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