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There is no word in the English Dictionary as Sheeps. It is very wrong. Say this instead

There are several English words which most people often speak or say it wrong. In Ghana, English is our official language but it is not the most spoken language in the country. This means making mistakes in speaking is not any big deal. However several mistakes can sometimes cause embarrassment which we all do not want that. 

In today's article, let us look at one key word which most people often say which is totally wrong. That word does not even exist.

The word we are talking about here is 'sheeps'.

When you take your dictionary, you will never find this word. It means it does not exist. People normally use this word to mean a lot of sheep. 

That means the plural for sheep is sheeps. This is not right.

The right thing to say is sheep. This means the plural for sheep is the same noun as sheep. There is no need to add the letter 's' to it to make it plural.


1. I saw a sheep at the market place.

2. There is a sheep in my garden.

The examples above are all referring to a single animal known as sheep. However, we can change the sentences and make it plural.


1. I saw two sheep at the market place

2. There are four sheep in my garden.

The above sentences may seem odd but it is very right.

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