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Top 5 Agricultural Commodities That The Youth Can Invest In And Make Decent Money

Top 5 Agricultural Commodities That The Youth Can Invest In And Make Decent Money

There's popular misinformation and misguidance that has been believed as a truth that Agriculture is a poor man's occupation, a sector for the illiterate and the low lives but it's fallacious.

Agriculture has been the backbone of this country for time immemorial while providing food for us and our households. It also serves our government with a bunch of money to rule the country.

Shockingly, the youth abstain from the agricultural sector like a plague and don't even consider it as a revenue source because it's not decent enough.

Our youths nowadays prefer sitting in an air-conditioned glass office and earn stipends at the end of the month than getting their hands dirty and earning more

The government has encouraged the youth on countless occasions through the planting for food and jobs initiative but it appears their efforts seems to fall on deaf ears.

There are very cheap and easy agricultural products or commodities that the youth can venture into to make a decent living. It would help solve the unemployment rate in the country.

Here are a few cheap and easy commodities the youth can invest in to make a decent living;

Note that; before you consider investing in these commodities, you conduct a survey and talk to potential clients.

Let's go;


Eggs are very cheap commodities and you can start with as low as ghs1200 by buying from the wholesale market and supplying them to the retailers with a reasonable profit rate.

A ten percent can be easily made upon every sale.

Potential Clients; Supermarkets, Mini marts, Food sellers, etc.


An easy trip to Asutuare or Sogakope is what you need if you are interested in buying and selling tilapia. This is very lucrative. Tilapia is very expensive and you can get close to 100% of your capital. However, do your checks because there is evidence of people who started with ghs1000 and made ghs1800 after-sales. It would be advisable to conjoin eggs and tilapia if you have the money.

Eggs move rapidly in the market than tilapia. It's a fact!

Potential Clients for tilapia; Restaurants, Cold Stores, Banku, and tilapia joints, etc.

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