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Theft robbery Is A Scam - Be careful

Ecurrency4u are a bunch of scammers. They claim to have the best rates for Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney, SolidTrust, Payza, and more.

It’s pretty clear that the people behind these crypto-exchange platform in ghana ( Ecurrency4u ) are trying to get you to give up your personal information and to steal from you.

You will be treated like royalty in the first few months after you register. They will be pampering you to make you trust them as a company. The best part is that all transactions you make during those few months will be processed quickly and almost instantly.

This guys have stole from me. It’s amazing how these guys steal from me, over and over again. All they will tell me is that they overpaid me and they need to recover some of the money they sent me. They are just too clever!

This is not the first time these have happen to me and am sure am not the only one who they have duped by this Scammers.

You know when a scammer steal from you there is no way of getting it back beside i am a big fool. When this first happen i shoud have advice my self but has the saying goes “ first fool is not a fool, Second Fool is also not a fool but third fool is the big fool”. This people are scammer behind a so called legit business.

time machine- Ecurrecny4u is a scam

Let Go Back Intime

On the 01/04/21 8:22 AM i sold my $33 Perfect money for GH₵ 178 to this scam company Ecurrency4u (okay let me not get ahead of myself -The truth was i didnt know they were scammer then). So;

I was so excited to get my GH₵178 but it took them like 20min to fulfil the payment into my mobile wallet. once i got an alert from my phone i then checked my mobile wallet account and to see this GH₵150 meaning they have deducted 18% ( GH₵28) from my account.

So i called the company and reported my case to their support — who told me that last year i sold crypto to them and they over paid me ( one of the staff left a note on my profile/account).

So i asked why didnt they call me to let me know the mistake they did during that period so i could have check my account ,verified and send them the refund.

And she replied with this “ we called but your line was busy”.

So i said okay it no big deal since they have already deducted. And i thought this was the end of the story and I was just going to relax, but I was wrong.

Am back to the future — Ecurrecny4u Is A scam

Fast Forward to 7/14/2021

which is todays date, i got short of cash so I decided to sell some bch to Ecurrency4u. I logged into the website and put in my payment detail, placed my order (to sell my bch) and waited my my bch to be confirmed.

Once my order was confirmed i send a ticket to surport telling them i have paid for the order and with 20min i got my paid into my account. Don't get excited yet, because they did it again. Ecurrency4U sold my money again.

And this time you will be shock; the respond they gave to me was “ We overpaid you last year and need to deduct GH₵28 ( 18% ) from my account.

They were supposed to send me GH₵68 ghana cedi today but instead they sent me GH₵41.

And the trust is i am not the only one they have used this scam technique on.

I will want you to check this images below and draw your own conclusion

todays order i made

You will see that this order display all information needed(today's order) which this order i screen shoot it after my bch got confirmed from the blockchain.

pass order in which they deducted me for the first time

you can see from the photo its self that this order may have been tampered with. There is Valuable information here; seems they cleared it to cover their track.

Now you may say; hey the second image or order is order that my is not showing . Let me show you another image of one of another pass transaction.

Now check this too ; make sure you check the date of all of them.

Has I said earlier Ecurrecny4U is A Scam

This articles was written by me and was first published on medium

Content created and supplied by: CyberGames (via Opera News )

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