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BREAKING: Emergency Meeting Offing In Ghana As BBC Breaks This Bad News About Ghana To The World

The currency rate will expose you if the fundamentals are weak (Dr. Bawumia). By Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's own comments in 2014, the Nana Addo-led administration has been exposed. The exchange rate has exposed the government, and this cannot be hidden any longer.

The fundamentals are currently very weak. Prior to 2020, Mahama has always believed that the foundations were very weak, but the administration, aided by the Finance Ministry, had been borrowing to cover up the mess. Mahama predicted that the entire situation will be known to Ghanaians in a matter of time, and that there would be nothing to hide at that time.

Today, the BBC, an international and global media organization, conveyed the bad economic news about Ghana to the world.

"Ghana Central Bank will hold emergency meeting following currency drop." The popular media site referred to the cedi fall as a "currency slump." This should demonstrate the gravity of the situation to Ghanaians who are reluctant to see the truth because they are blinded by political hues. A currency drop declared by this well-known media organization could only signify one thing: a large capital outflow from the country, significantly weakening the current economic situation

The media outlet also stated that the central bank, the Bank of All Banks, the Bank for the Government, is planning an emergency meeting to debate and suggest an expedient solution to preserve the country.

One thing to keep in mind is that the government does not control the cedi or the amount of money in circulation in the economy. It is, in fact, the Ghana Central Bank. The government is only responsible for fiscal measures, while the central bank is in charge of monetary policy. The two combine and collaborate to create the finest results.

Its saddening why these things are happening and the economy crisis are rising day by day.

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