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Petition to sack ECG Boss Stinks of Political Motivation - Senior Staff Alleges

A senior Worker at ECG has rubbished calls by some members of the company to sack their Boss by saying that it's politically motivated.

According to the Senior Staff, worker, the move by some of his colleagues calling for the sack of the Boss is uncalled for, and that they are just being manipulated to disgrace the MD for no reason.

Talking about the petition from some members of the Senior and junior staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana He described it as ludicrous which doesn't address the real problems within the Electricity Company of Ghana.

''How can you accused the MD of wrongdoing for building a canteen for staff and not himself; arguing that it was not a needed project. The union expected the staff to go about one mile to get food amd return after 3pm???I wonder who this union is really fighting for!!!,He bemoaned.The welfare of staff indeed! I read in their petition that the MD runs a “one-man show” and my question is “are his deputy managers and directors complaining?” I think the Union should find something better to talk about". He reiterated.

On the matter of outsourcing, he explains that their STL collection as advance payment of bill is only a proposal that has been put forward by a company just like any other proposal brought to ECG from companies and that The board hasn’t considered yet.Why make this a case against the young and hardworking managing director?

He continued that, the example of contracts (substation) sighted as an infringement of procurement law is a contract that is beyond the threshold of the MD.

"It is interesting when some of the workers say that the MD has been bypassing structures, giving instructions, and threatening artisans". the senior staff member who gave his name as Kwame mourned.

He praises the ECG by describing him as a hard worker who has worked hard with his team to get the company going even in financial difficult times of the company.

‘‘The MD has done many good things which we have to talk about. If for nothing at all, he has been able to hold up the company during the difficult financial times in the COVID pandemic when our finances were very bad. There was never a month that we didn’t get paid or our payment delayed''. He concluded

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