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Finance Minister Finally Gives A Breakdown Of Covid-19 Funds In Parliament Today. [FULL PDF ADDED].

The country as at now is in a state dilemma as economic crisis hit the nation so hard. This has made the parliament agree on a sitting to invite the minister of finance to give a breakdown on the monies used to combat covid-19 as the government claims the pandemic is the major reason for the nation’s current state.

Many Ghanaians had the perception of the national patriotic party embezzling the state’s fund as a result of hesitations made by the minister.

The parliament and the state as a whole has been held in a state of suspense as all eyes are set on the minister of finance to brief the general public on the expenses the accrued covid-19 funds were used for. Finally, the sector minister has done justice to the above.

Some hours ago in parliament, the finance delivered a full breakdown of the expenses in parliament. This has got the attention and reaction of many as they were ready to know Andy signs of misappropriation and embezzlement but nothing of such sort was noticed . Have a view of the summarised expenses in the portable document format form provided by the minter of finance via the link below:

He added that, these expenditures were drawn from the Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and other Statutory Funds earmarked for specific purposes.

What is your opinion about the breakdown? Is there any doubt? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below. Don’t be left out. Have a nice day.

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