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A Trader Recalls How Her Customer Ran Away After She Went For A Loan At The Bank For Her

Theresa Taylor, a trader from Cape Coast shares how her customer ran away after she took a loan at the bank for her two years ago. According to the woman she established a cold store at the market years ago, her customer named Mary started buying her fish a year later and she used to be loyal to her. One day Mary took fish from her shop as she used to do but she didn't paid her back her money.

Months passed by still the lady was unable to settle the GHC400 debt. One evening Mary came to her pleading to assist her financially, Theresa said she was not having money at that time so she went to the bank loan of GHC1,500 and gave it her customer to work with it, in order to take care of her three kids and also pay the amount she was owing her.

Theresa said that was the last day she set her eyes on her customer she ran away from home and nobody in the vicinity was aware of where she was hiding. Two years passed without Mary paying back the loan, later she got information from her neighbour that the customer was sick. She located where she was staying and visited her.

Mary was shocked when she saw her, the lady even pleaded with her to forgive still she didn't pay for the loan. Theresa claims that she paid that loan with her own money. A month later Mary again came to her house pleading and crying bitterly to help her financial again, She decided not to help her but looking at how her kids were starving, she went to another bank and took another loan for her.

This time around too Mary ran away from their place without paying that money too. She tried everything she could to get Mary and paid for the Ghc3,200 to the bank but to no avail. The woman claims she has to use the capital she used in doing her business to pay the loan. Theresa is asking her customer to pay the debt to prevent any problems

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