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South Africa has the Most US Dollar Millionaires in Africa

It came as surprise when news came that South Africa has the Most US Dollar millionaires in Africa. Reports in the past suggested that the country is struggling in the economy sector, but now most US dollar millionaires can be found there.

For a country to be considered to have many US dollars millionaires means most rich people in the country trade in the US dollar currency and establish their businesses on this currency.

This didn't sit right with many people on social media. An account on twitter with the handle @africafactsAFZ posted this same story in his handle. He wrote, " South Africa has the highest number of US Dollar millionaires".

People obviously reacted positively and also negatively towards this news. Also some people gave reason as to why there are many US dollar millionaires in South Africa.

One person said that all those South African millionaires are all whites and do not see themselves as South African hence trade in the dollar. Another person said black SA's are poor, drunkards, prostitutes and the likes and so the statistics does not include black South Africans. See some comments in the pictures below.

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