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Finance Minister Reassures Ghanaians there will be no Haircut on Pensions

The Finance Minister, Kenneth Offori-Atta in his announcement of the country's domestic debt restructuring, assured Ghanaians that there is not going to be any haircut on pensions.

In his presentation of the domestic debt restructuring system on Monday 04 December, 2022, the minister said government has taken proper steps in restructuring the debt system of Ghana. In this he said there will be nothing like haircut on pensions as appropriate measures are been enforced by the government to deal with the problem.

The minister said the debt restructuring is necessary because that is the only option the country could solve it's economic challenges through the IMF programme. Due to the International Monetary Fund programme the restructuring is needed to ensure that the programme is fully secured to solve the country's economic crisis.

The minister assured again that domestic bonds will not be trampled upon which therefore means that insurance companies, bond holders, pensions and all those will not be affected in this process. This will be done in a more satisfying manner which will go along way to revamping the economy back on track come next year 2023.

Based on this Ghanaians should believe and trust the government and to also support the government to revamping the economy for the betterment of the country. There is no such initiative to cutting pensions as part of the debt restructuring and for that matter should not be considered by Ghanaians and anything relating to that must be disregarded.

The announcement is part of the IMF process and this is to abreast the public how the domestic debt restructuring will be done in other to salvage the economy. There is no call for alarm to any haircut on pensions and or any bond. Trust the process and place your support on the government to salvaging this economy from the crisis we are now.

We are in trying times and this one too shall come to pass.

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