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Build an alcohol stove from empty coke cans; easy and simple.

You will need the following materials: two empty cans of coke, scissors or knife, pin/nail (to poke holes), alcohol, lighter or a matchstick

1) Making the burner holes: Create dots on the bottom of the cans. Use a safety pin or a small nail to make about 8-10 holes. Create drain holes in the middle of the concave section as well; this will serve two purposes: a fuse dispenser and gas jets.

2) Cut the bottoms off the cans: Measure about one inch from the bottom of a fresh can and cut it into two sections as shown below. The height may be adjusted to your liking, but stick with an inch if you are new to this.

3) Putting pieces together: Put a piece of cotton into one of the cans. Once they're nested together, carefully press both pieces together with a heavy object such as a book or a small hammer to protect them.

4) Pour in some fuel: Slowly fill the can's concave cavity with fuel and let it drain into the stove below. The fuel may be methanol, ethanol/alcohol, kerosene, etc.

5) Light the fire: Place the stove on a hard, heat-resistant surface and light it with a matchstick or lighter. Your can stove is now ready to use.

I hope you have learnt something new today. Kindly share and follow for more.

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