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Dumso will kill business in Ghana

Dumso is any enemy to growth and creation of jobs the faster we solve it the better will it be for all Ghanaians . Individual and company's will have to switch to windmill or solar energy since it is the best and only option and the cheapest source of energy ready available in all forms and sizes . Typically, the smallest solar system we install is a 5kW system, which will generate around 20kWh a day, and it can save you up to around $500 a quarterly bill if you use all of the solar power as it is generated. Therefore, we generally recommend you have a quarterly power bill of at least $400-$500 to be able to get any significant saving.

As explained above, if you are planning on installing battery storage, rather than needing to use at least 32 kWh during the daytime for an 8kW system, you only need to have a daily (24 hours) usage of 32 kWh a day. Solar batteries allow you to store the excess solar power to then be used in the evening as needed.

If your power bill is more than $500 a quarter, a solar power system will almost certainly be of great benefit, and as a general rule the larger your power bill, the more money you can save, and hence the more a solar power system will be worth it. And we can't trust the government to rectify the situation now . Individual and Company's need to act now for their own benefits. Light is everything and one can do without it but Ghana needs to wake up .

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