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As fire Spreads at Makola Market, is there hope for the business women

The fate of our mothers and grandmothers now lies in the hands of the fire service personnel at the Makola market in Accra


As unwelcome fire destroys their properties, that they have labored months and years to acquire. Some on monies borrowed from the banks, friends, or relatives. Whilst others sold their properties to invest in their businesses for a better tomorrow.

None had the dream or revelation that today will a black day. A day that the workings of their hands which they have been fortunate to have been blessed from above will be wickedly taken away from their hands.

Now joblessness, employment, sadness, debts gradually knock on their door.

Will they be able to survive the destruction of their businesses?

Will they be able to take care of their families at home?

Will they be able to provide for the needs of their children’s when going to Senior High Schools or Universities?

All in all, I wonder and shudder in fear. For to think of all this saddens my heart, as tear gradually clouds my eyes. 

For the burden laid on our mothers, fathers, and grandmothers whose shops are burnt is too heavy to bear.

So I quietly sit and offer a prayer of healing and peace unto them.

I sympathize with their loss, and I cry at the destruction of their businesses. Nonetheless, a better tomorrow awaits. If they but stand fast in hope and believe in God.

All things are possible, and all things will be possible to them that believe and put their faith in the highest.

Though they may, have lost their business and properties today.

Though tears have engulfed their spirit, body, and soul today. 

Though they sit in anguish and cry, lamenting over what could have been if the fire had not started.

Though! Is but a dream left for the faint and weak in heart.

As the reality gradually sets in.

It is finished!

The continuous labor under the sun for a better tomorrow only to eat the tears of sorrows. Yet we know not what tomorrow brings. Nonetheless, we fight on, curving a niche and a hope of a better future for our generations.

But today, sadness befalls us, as we, must all console and sympathize irrespective of one’s religious or ethnic background.

Today we mourn and cry with our mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters for their loss. With our hearts wildly open to welcome and embrace their pain.

All we can say is for them to be strong. This too shall pass. This pain shall pass. Just be strong and succumb not to depression and sadness. Don’t give up hope, because your properties and businesses are destroyed. But rather fight on, perceiver, and rewrite again your history. As you alone are the master and architect of your future. With Christ in you, the hope of a better tomorrow. The hope and grace of better and bigger shops in your name.

Rewrite your history, rewrite your pains, rewrite your losses of how you overcame that which was meant to destroy you, to break you down into nothing. To put to shame your dreams and aspirations. 

Though today you are down, tomorrow is yet a clear path. For you to take your story to the next level. Of how you overcame your destruction and rebuilt that which was lost and destroyed unceremoniously by fire at Makola.

You are a winner, a doer, and a person of great capabilities. For that which was lost, you will acquire more. And own more shops, setting up different businesses and employing hundreds of people. If only you never give up on yourself, your dreams, your ideas, and your businesses.

It may be burnt and destroyed, but the life in you makes me know. That business can be rebuilt into something more bigger and glorious.

It is well.

Content created and supplied by: BrhyteDeWealthson (via Opera News )

Makola Market


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