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My Success Story: How Opera News Hub increased my income within just one year [See Details]

I am a creator on Opera News hub with the username Ahomka.News. For some reasons personally known to me, I will go unanimous. I am a nurse by profession who works at one of the reputable and biggest hospital in Ghana.

I was a staunch user of opera news but I was not a creator. Until last year somewhere April 2020, I saw a communique from the hub which indicated recruitment of creators. When I saw this, I became happy because reading and writing is my hobby. I like writing a lot back at Senior High School and Nursing School.

Upon seeing that, I quickly joined with an open heart because all this while, I have been yearning to find extra business to supplement my income aside the nursing job. I started to write on health and other stories. I read all the guidelines of the hub and begun to follow each and everyday. Within the first month after I joined, I was able to earn 900 Ghana cedis as my initial income on the hub.

The first amount I earned gingered and triggered me to take the writing of articles more serious. I wrote a lot of articles because the more quality articles your write, the more you earn. I wrote more articles every month and I was earning cool cedis also. The hub has helped me a lot because earning single income is something everybody will never wish for.

I have been in the business since April last year without relenting. Luckily for me, I had a call from management to be part of a programme they were about to launch which is 'special author programme'. I agreed to join and started writing under the category of health. One interesting thing in Opera is that, there are diverse ways to earn and it is very easy if only you are committed. Despite being part of the special authors and writing under health, I was still writing on other areas to gain my traffic fee.

I was been paid on traffic fee as well as bonuses from management as a special author. The joy I attached in writing is indescribable because there is nothing joyful than labouring and eating the fruit of your labour. I can boldly say that, I am a nurse by profession but the income I get from writing in addition to my monthly salary as a nurse makes me earn more than some doctors.

I have uploaded photos of top ten earners in some specific months. By God's grace and dedication, I have been able to be part of those top earners with just sitting in my couch and writing articles. Opera news has really changed my life both physically and psychologically. Aside earning, my writing skills have developed tremendously and it is a plus for me to improve in my career and other endeavours of life. I bless the day I met this opportunity and I will never regret.

Content created and supplied by: Ahomka.News (via Opera News )

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