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Meet Ghana’s youngest real estate developer transforming the construction industry at just 23

Miss Stephanie Ode Wilson is only 23 years but she has already made a giant leap into the real estate sector. Her first success was achieved when she sold her first property at age 20 in 2017.

She had launched in October 2017 her own Scown Properties Ghana in same year and had led the client acquisition campaigns, won contracts and executed her first major project with her dependable team, she had formed.

Her firm helped customers to use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value, as well as, offering services in cabling and fiber optics, data and network security infrastructure, home automation and security system installation to its clientele.That same year, Wilson proceeded to sell 3 more houses for clients who were living abroad.

Currently, the young entrepreneur is working around the clock to complete the first Phase of the Scown Court, a 12-unit gated community located in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

According to the Business Insider, Wilson had in mind at an early stage, a solid interest in the real estate/construction sector, but got a shattering reaction from one of her junior high school teachers when she began to show interest in construction. It was at the age of 17, that she got back seriously at her initial dreams again and decided to associate with people from the construction industry to get abreast with issues such as how to break barriers in the industry.

She did this while still in high school at the Kumasi Girls Senior High School and with support from her family, she took on the challenge of importing interior building materials such as tiles, wall coverings, and security doors, in a bid to begin her own trade in construction.

This was also made possible from savings that she had made from running errands and doing follow-ups for her boss who owns and runs one of the biggest Real Estate Firms in Ghana. Determined to make a mark for herself in the industry she was just venturing into, Wilson went on to coordinate and build a strong network of experienced team members to work with her, some of whom had expertise spanning over 25 years, who formed her team at her company.

She has received recognition for her innovation and her work, including the award for the “Outstanding Young Business Leader of the Year” at the 2019 edition of the Ghana Business Standard Awards, becoming the youngest to win that award. Stephanie Wilson’s Scown Properties is expected to launch the ‘Girl Code Africa Initiative’ which aims at teaching over 100,000 girls across the continent basic coding, web and app development, as well as, equip them with digital skills across a 10-year period. Wilson also plans on having SCOWN Courts – a replica of the 12-unit gated community soon to be completed in Accra – scattered all across the country.

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